I’m Dyeing

The dye pot

Preparing to dye

I know it’s hot today, but I need some wool colors I don’t have. I really want to finish my first pattern sample for the wool applique design I just did. I need a mustard yellow, purple and light brown for tree limbs. The design is of a bright colored bird on a black background. She’s surrounded by tree limbs and green leaves, at her feet are purple flowers.


New Update on Chick-Chick

She runs so fast it’s difficult to get a photo

I call her Chick-chick now. She churps and runs over to me when I call her that. She’s in her second week and getting skittish which is normal I guess. Her little feathers are growing, she has a tail. So cute. And she is definitely a Golden Laced Cochin.

She is so cute


Little Chick Update

photo of baby chickenMy little chick made it through her ordeal!! She’s strong and healthy. It took awhile but her leg healed and she runs around like a chicken in a race. She responds to “chick-chick” and comes right over to me. It took a little while for her to get off the eye dropper. I kept moving the dropper toward her water and food troughs and eventually she got the message. I’m pretty sure she is a Golden Laced Cochin. I had to put her in a bigger box because she jumped out of the smaller one. I feel like a new Mom.


Not one of the other egphoto of chick chickgs have hatched yet. I’m starting to wonder if they ever will.

photo of baby chick

Update On My Brooding Hens

So, I previously said that I didn’t think my eggs would hatch. Well, I need to apologize to Mr. Rooster, he did indeed know what he was doing!

Bummy The Chicken

Here is Bummy just out of her shell. She’s actually still attached.

Last night when I was shutting up the coop, I found a cold little bundle near one of the brooding hens. She was not out of her shell yet, and she was very cold. Obvious that my hen didn’t want her, I took her in the house and cupped her in may hands until she finished coming out of her egg.

She is all fluffy now, but she has a bum leg. It looks as though Mommy had pecked a piece out of her leg. Is this normal? These are her first chicks, as a new Mom did she not know what she was doing?


Here is Bummy up on her feet . . . . foot!

I don’t know if my poor little bum-legged chick will make it. And even if she does, she’ll probably be picked on by the other chickens. Time will tell. I hope the other hatchlings will be okay.

2012 NH Sheep & Wool Festival Acceptance

Woohoo!!! I was just accepted to the 2012 New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. This is a BIG deal!! I’ll be setting up my booth in barn #1. I’m so excited!!

2012 NH Sheep & Wool Festival

May 12 & 13, 2012
Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday, 9:00am-4:00pm

The 36th annual NH Sheep and Wool Festival, at Deerfield fairgrounds, Deerfield, NH, will feature: sheep shearing, fiber animals, dog herding demonstrations, sheep dog trials, youth shows and activities, fiber shows, spinning and weaving demonstrations, fleece judging and sale, breed displays, educational programs, special workshops and lectures, as well as, over 120 vendors.

The Somersworth HS Fair

photo of Craft booth 1

I did the Somersworth High School craft fair today. It wasn’t a successful fair, but I was there to advertise for my store anyway. Still would have liked to make a little money though.

Here are some pictures I took of my booth today.

photo of Craft booth 2photo of Craft booth 3

I love my cash register. I found it at a yard sale, it works too.

photo of Craft booth 4
When I got home I found a box of buttons on my doorstep. I thought maybe the button fairy came by, but it was my good ol’ friend Lynn. You can never have enough buttons!

photo of big box of buttons

Craft Fair Tomorrow

The Black Sheep will be closed tomorrow because I’ll be in this craft fair
20th Annual Spring Craft Fair
 Saturday, April 28, 2012
9 am – 3 pm
Somersworth High School
8 Memorial Dr.
photo of craft table 2photo of craft tableThe Somersworth Festival Association hosts 3 craft fairs during the
year.  They are the best and largest in NH.  We have the best vendors
from all over New England.  A large attendance of shoppers always come
to shop and have lunch made by the festival board members.  We have up
to 150 vendors in our fairs.

Fox Got My Rooster


A bad ol’ fox had my rooster in his mouth. I ran out of the house screaming and he dropped it. My poor little guy. He’s got bite marks on him. I hope he’ll be ok. He seems ok, still squawking, still looking out for his babes. Man, I hope I can keep it from happening again. But chances are . . .

New Classes at The Black Sheep

May/June 2012 CLASSES at

The Black Sheep

17 Brindle Pond Rd.

Center Barnstead, NH 03225


Fundamentals of Seamless Felting

This is an example of what can be made from seamless felting

Seamless Felting is the process of felting a 3 dimensional form using a resist. Learning the seamless felting technique is essential for creating most sculptural projects, and the basis for creating felted 3D art. The emphasis is to learn to create smooth and strong felted seams that will become invisible by the end of the process, and result in the illusion of being seamless.

Students will make a small project (clutch purse, vessel, book cover, bowl, or other simple item of the student’s choosing). No felting experience is necessary. Please note that this class requires standing most of the day.

Monday, May 7, 10:00am-3:30pm

Instructor: Jane LeBlanc

Experience level: Beginner

Cost: $85.00 plus the cost of materials (approx. $10-$30)

 Please bring to class:

  • 1 or 2 ounces of Merino wool batt
  • Scraps of 100% wool yarn or other fiber for embellishing
  • Scissors
  • Small bucket
  • 2 or 3 of old towels or rags
  • A couple kitchen sponges
  • 1 bar of olive oil soap or glycerin soap
  • 1 or 2 kitchen sponges

 Also bring the following (or you may purchase a rolling kit for $14)

  • Pool noodle (cut in half)
  • 14″ x 24″ bubble wrap (with the small bubbles)
  • 14″ x 24″ tulle netting
  • 14″ x 24″ heavy duty plastic sheeting
  • 24” x 2” piece of scrap fabric

 Wet Felting 101: 

In this class you will get a solid grounding in the basics of good felting techniques using wool batting. It’s not sewing. It’s not weaving. It’s not knitting. So, what is it? How does the magic actually happen? You’ll discover how, why, and when those fibers actually do the amazing trick of transforming themselves into FELT! In the class you will make a sample piece of flat felt. You’ll be able to add designs, or keep it unembellished. Beginners welcome.

Monday, May 14, 10 am – 1:30 pm 

 Instructor: Jane LeBlanc

Experience level: Beginner

Cost: $45.00 (plus the cost of materials which is about $10-$15). 

 Please bring to class:

  • Scraps of 100% wool yarn or other fiber for embellishing
  • Scissors
  • Small bucket
  • A couple of old towels or rags
  • A couple kitchen sponges

Also bring the following (or you may purchase a rolling kit for $14)

  • Pool noodle (cut in half)
  • 14″ x 24″ bubble wrap (with the small bubbles)
  • 14″ x 24″ tulle netting
  • 14″ x 24″ heavy duty plastic sheeting

Needle Felted and Embellished Beads:

Use these beads to make a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or to embellish clothing or accessories, or anything you can think of. You will be making needle felted beads that you can embellish with seed beads, fiber, yarn, buttons, embroidery floss and more.

Monday, May 21, 10 am – 1:30 pm

 Instructor: Jane LeBlanc

Experience level: Beginner

Cost: $35.00 (Needle felting kit is included in cost)

 Please bring to class:

  • Scraps of yarn, fabric or other fiber, small beads, or buttons for embellishing
  • Thread in different colors
  • Wool roving in different colors
  • Sewing needles
  • Scissors

Needle Felted Critters: 

Bunnies, birds, sheep, colorful fish! A menagerie of small felted critters will come to life in this workshop! Learn the sculptural technique of needle felting, and go home with some animal miniatures – including one felted necklace pendant or charm! All materials will be provided.

Saturday, May 26, 1 pm – 4:30 pm

Instructor: Liza Hamilton

Experience level: Beginner

Cost: $55.00 (Needle felting kit is included in cost)

 Make a Needle Felted Pincushion: 

This is a fun class for everyone, but if you have never done needle felting before, this is a perfect beginner class. What is needle felting? Needle felting is the process of interlocking wool fibers by stabbing it with a specialized barbed needle. The barbs catch the scales on the fiber and cause them to tangle and bind together into a solid form. You will be making a round pincushion, which you will embellish as you please. Classes are 3 1/2 hours long.

Tuesday, May 29, 10 am – 2:30 pm

 Instructor: Jane LeBlanc

Experience level: Beginner

Cost: $55.00 (Needle felting kit is included in cost)

 Please bring to class:
  • Scraps of 100% wool yarn, fabric or other fiber, small beads, or buttons for embellishing
  • Embroidery floss in your choice of colors
  • Embroidery needles
  • Scissors

 Fiber Pet Portraits

Create detailed needle felted “fiber paintings” of your pet! You will go home with a finished 8.5” x 11” portrait, ready for framing. All you need is a photo reference of your pet’s face to be reproduced into a unique fiber portrait! All materials will be provided, but please bring a photo reference of your pet!!

Saturday, June 2, 10 am – 3 pm

 Instructor: Liza Hamilton

Experience level: Beginner

Cost: $75.00 (Needle felting kit is included in cost)

Classes are to be paid in full at time of registration. No refunds if you cancel less than 24 hours before the class. Please wear old clothes. Worktables are waist-high and require stools if you want to sit. You may bring your own stool. During wet felting classes, you will be standing throughout most of the class.

Good Morning Chickens

This is my chicken coop. It’s rough but functional, and my chicken family appears to be happy with it. We inherited these chickens when we bought the house last November, 2011.

We have bantams: two Black Rose Comb, one Golden Laced Cochin, one Belgian Bearded d’Uccle, two Belgian d’Uccles and one Dark Brahma Rooster.

Oh, they're so cute

I was out there this morning with my camera to take pictures of the two hens that are sitting on eggs, together. There are so many eggs underneath that two chickens need to sit on them. I really don’t think we’ll get babies, honestly I don’t think “Dad” knows what he’s supposed to do, or I should say where and on what end of the chicken!

Mr. Rooster protecting the ladies

Here is “Dad”, protecting four of his ladies from Fanny the cat. He is a gentle soul, not mean at all. But he puts on a good act in front of the ladies.

Way in the back is a Black Rose Comb, then a Belgian d’Uccles, in front of her is the Belgian Bearded d’Uccle, on the right is the Golden Laced Cochin, then our brave rooster in the front, the Dark Brahma.

This is Fanny our mischievous cat. She’s sweet but likes to terrorize the chickens by chasing after them.


Anyway, back to the eggs. All my hens take turns sitting on the eggs. It is usually the Golden Laced Cochin, but not this morning.

They’ve been sitting on them for almost 3 weeks. If they were going to hatch they should do so soon, like in the next day or so. We’ll see.

Israeli Art in Tel Aviv!

Occasionally I come across some amazing things, not particularly having to do with the art of Felting, but worth mentioning. The following article is one of those.

Israeli Art in Tel Aviv!

While Tel-Aviv is known as the Israeli NY city, there are still a few shops that maintain the Israeli brotherhood and future. A new “Artmosphere Gallery” shop was opened in Tel-Aviv. Artmosphere Gallery sells art work by Israeli artists alone. You may find there new Israeli artists as well as well known artists as D. Gerstein, Agayof, Victor Shrem and more.

If you are looking for a happy fun and lifeful art you have came to the right place. David Gerstein art is placed all over the world from the United states up to Korea. His art full with colors, dynamic and with a variety of themes so any person can find a piece that ‘speaks’ to him.

You can also find at “Artmosphere” the beautiful Judaica made by Agayof, an Israeli known artist from Jerusalem. Agayof’s art is very functional, clean and colorful. Each piece is made out of anodized aluminum and stainless steel which makes the piece easy to clean and will never rust. Avner Agayof has been known for the outstanding high class Judaica artifacts. Each piece is an artistic blend of modern and traditional. Purchasing a product of the Agayof’s fine Judaica collection means enriching your own Judaica collection with a significant and impressive piece of art.

Artmosohere Tel Aviv: 30 Shabazi St. Neve Tzedek
Artmosphere Jerusalem: Alrov Mamilla Ave. (R&G) | 4 Yoel Salomon St.
Artmosphere on-line: www.artmospheregalleries.com

I made these purses

These purses can be purchased from my Esty shop at http://ShopTheBlackSheep.etsy.com

Handmade Appliqued Recycled Wool Purse

Textured Fabric and Recycled Wool Sweater Purse

Purse made from recycled coffee bean bag and linen

Hand-dyed felted wool fabric flowered purse

Tea Cup Bird Feeder by Rockie Mehaffie

I know this has nothing to do with feltmaking, but I had to add this to my blog. It’s such a wonderful idea. Rockie gives instructions on how to do this on her blog http://rockiescrafts.blogspot.com/2010/08/tea-cup-bird-feeder.html

Maybe I could cover the posts with felt??

Visit my Linkedin friends’ websites

Take a look at some new website links I’ve added under “Linkedin Friends”. There are some really talented people out there! The list includes artists that make jewelry, ceramics, metal art, paper art, and all kinds of beautiful things. Enjoy!

Fabulous Jewelry by Jacqueline ter Kuile

I just met Jacqueline and was introduced to her beautiful jewelry. Read her bio and take a look at the photos and enjoy!

JtK14 Artisan Jewelry
Handmade Recycled Jewelry for Chic, Eco-smart Women
“Popular with ladies who appreciate the arts; these well-made and unique accessories are the perfect compliment for a wedding, art opening, office or cocktails. This jewelry is fun, hand made and affordable, and inspires interesting conversation.”

Jacqueline ter Kuile (rhymes with textile) for JtK14 Artisan Jewelry is a professional visual artist and jewelry designer. Several a years ago Jacqueline was invited to exhibit with the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and their criteria was to design something using recycled materials for an exhibition titled “Go Green”  So,  she used a beautiful olive oil can she had been saving to make a necklace. “I was so delighted by the results that I began to search for beautiful tin canisters everywhere, laminating them to pure copper for strength, and finishing with sterling silver.  The material brings its own story with it in its images, it expresses an up-to-the-moment mindfulness about where we are in these times, and I love that it appeals to people because they are creative themselves.”

Re-using and valuing a beautiful “found” material is the inspiration, but the jewelry is contemporary, chic and high fashion. The earrings are carefully designed to flatter the wearers’ neck and highlight a stylish haircut.  The elements flash high polished pure copper on one side and colorful tin on the other.  The runaway favorite is the Lazzaroni tin heart with its dramatic red and orange graphics.  The punch of color is appealing; the message says “I love you . . . In an Earth-friendly way”.  The pendant is a popular gift item because it is lighthearted, and also for a gift that doesn’t pinch the pocket:  the pendants are available on the website on an 18” sterling silver chain for $49.00.  That’s a bargain for a handmade unique piece of jewelry with a dose of good Karma.

This spring has showcased a Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry Game tin. “I have to admit I’ve never seen the show, but the game tin has a sexy shiny silver background and bold black and red graphic text.  It’s just such a great tin for jewelry!”  Earrings and pendants made from a black and gold French biscuit tin, vintage erector set tool boxes, an English Wedgewood canister and other assorted vintage tins are available at her website; http://www.jtk14.com.

Jacqueline ter Kuile has been working with metals since 1978 and earned a Masters Degree in studio art at Hunter College in New York City. In her career she has worked as a gallery owner and curator, an administrator at art museums, including Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ, Princeton University Art Museum and as a Professor at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, teaching Fine Arts 3D.  Jacqueline lives and works in Harleysville, PA .

Contact:  Cell: 267-897-4428
Email: jtk14@live.com        Website www.jtk14.com
Address: 242 Danielle Drive, Harleysville, PA 19438


Printed with permission from Jacqueline ter Kuile.