New Update on Chick-Chick

She runs so fast it’s difficult to get a photo

I call her Chick-chick now. She churps and runs over to me when I call her that. She’s in her second week and getting skittish which is normal I guess. Her little feathers are growing, she has a tail. So cute. And she is definitely a Golden Laced Cochin.

She is so cute



Good Morning Chickens

This is my chicken coop. It’s rough but functional, and my chicken family appears to be happy with it. We inherited these chickens when we bought the house last November, 2011.

We have bantams: two Black Rose Comb, one Golden Laced Cochin, one Belgian Bearded d’Uccle, two Belgian d’Uccles and one Dark Brahma Rooster.

Oh, they're so cute

I was out there this morning with my camera to take pictures of the two hens that are sitting on eggs, together. There are so many eggs underneath that two chickens need to sit on them. I really don’t think we’ll get babies, honestly I don’t think “Dad” knows what he’s supposed to do, or I should say where and on what end of the chicken!

Mr. Rooster protecting the ladies

Here is “Dad”, protecting four of his ladies from Fanny the cat. He is a gentle soul, not mean at all. But he puts on a good act in front of the ladies.

Way in the back is a Black Rose Comb, then a Belgian d’Uccles, in front of her is the Belgian Bearded d’Uccle, on the right is the Golden Laced Cochin, then our brave rooster in the front, the Dark Brahma.

This is Fanny our mischievous cat. She’s sweet but likes to terrorize the chickens by chasing after them.


Anyway, back to the eggs. All my hens take turns sitting on the eggs. It is usually the Golden Laced Cochin, but not this morning.

They’ve been sitting on them for almost 3 weeks. If they were going to hatch they should do so soon, like in the next day or so. We’ll see.

I took pictures of my chickens today. This is cutie. She’s a small rolly-polly chicken that walks like a duck because she has such a load of feathers on her feet. She’s the smallest of my chickens, and the most picked on. She’s really sweet and cute.